Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Software Commodification

Something that people outside the software industry don't fully grasp is the increasing pace of commodification

You had a Phd in CS 20 years ago ? congrats all your knowledge is a library. 

You were an excellent physicist 10 years ago ? Congrats we can import and run everything you knew without even understanding half of it. 

You studied Artificial Intelligence in depth 15 years ago ? A 17 year old with a weekend in keras can provide better solutions than you. Everything you know is getting obsolete in an increasing rate. 

As software people we are are used to packaging up our knowledge and re-learning new skills (tools, theories, frameworks) every couple of years, because the old have been completely commoditized. 

It is an exciting but tiresome journey that it shouldn't be required by all. However as everything is becoming software there may not be a choice by most people. 

Personally the increasing pace of commodification allows me to cut through the noise and add depth to my knowledge. Knowing that the low hanging fruits have been picked will clear up the space of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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