Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New beginning

It's been a long time since I last updated my blog.
This has been more of a journal for my thoughts and coming back to it seems strange.

For the last 4 years  I've dubbled into the dirty world of software engineering.
When I say 'dirty' I use it in the time constraint, product must leave now, we will fix it later kind of way. It is a word I don't use lightly. I've seen projects go to hell and spend countless hours debugging burning piles of garbage because of these practice.

Nobody has ever called me a perfectionist in my life, quite the opposite, but I've grown to be diligent when tackling projects. It seems I have an eye for what can go wrong in big systems and for removing complexity. I wouldn't call it talent, I will just say I screwed up so many times I would be an idiot to not see them coming by now.

I've learned so much and tangled small and huge projects with various levels of success.
I now feel much more confident in my engineering skils. Confident in a way you can be not by measuring yourself against an ideal but against fellow engineers.

During these years I honed my skills in linux, embedded developing, messaging, networking and much much more. My mind however was constantly on how to get back to my real interest which is math and machine learning. Trying to keep up on that area, since a LOT happened during these 4 years in the field, and doing my real job has been really exhaustive. Thankfully I was given the chance to use my skills on 2 projects so there has been some overlap.

Now it is time for a new beginning so I plan on start posting again. I've quit my job and I'll be working full time on startup project with my friends and co-programmers @ www.yodiwo.com doing machine learning and computer vision.

I made a very tight schedule for the next six months in order to get my skills and knowledge up to speed.

- C++, Erlang
- Signal Processing, Compressive Sensing
- Machine Learning, Computer Vision
- Big Data Tools (Spark, Hadoop, Scala)