Thursday, August 31, 2017

soviet iphone

I bought an iphone for a contract app. When my android phone died after 4 years of use I thought I would use it, How different can it be ?

It sure is shiny, fast, works well under stress and the battery lasts considerably longer BUT what you give up for convenience is flexibility. Try doing anything out of the ordinary, like changing your freaking ringtone to a custom tune.

I checked, it takes 12 steps. Part of that is installing the malware mess called itunes.

So you DON'T OWN your phone. Itunes owns your phone and it will decide to do whatever the hell it wants with it. Iphone is your soviet appartment and itunes is your assigned commisar. You want something changed ? Have fun complaining to him, you may end up with no appartment. I wont even go to the privacy issues because ... you know ... google.

I'll still keep it because it cost me 600 euros, but only as a dumb media player.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Confucius on settings

For every project there's a configuration.

In pet projects it may be a handful of constants and in bigger projects in may be a server configuration.

The simple truth is that configuration usually keeps building up, and so the more the succesful the project the bigger the configuration.

It is wiser to build it from the start than collect everything mid-way.