Tuesday, August 9, 2016

YEAH, Yodigram is OUT

Coming back to this (rarely updated) blog to note another landmark moment for me. The project I've been working on for so long is finally in version 1 and we lining up customers and interested parties. Yodigram is now reality, I am very proud and very tired.

It's been kind of a turbocharged year, going through the ups and downs of a startup, designing a cutting edge system from scratch, watch it run and being sold, yodiwo wining the MITEF competition, taking my own side consulting jobs.
Yodigram super awesome results, Products and Brands are detected and classified automatically .

I believe I'm growing as a professional, it's the pressure, it either breaks you or makes you. I'm also growing as a machine learning engineer. I study hard, deep and constantly it's almost ridiculous.

We are now going through the deep learning revolution and now that I have almost 2 years of practical experience on it I believe I can catch some of its hype wave. It is an exciting time for technologists.

I haven't kept on my the studying schedule - maybe it was too ambitious - I found that my real interest lies into the Data Science/Machine Learning/ Optimization domain instead of Data Engineering.