Saturday, July 29, 2017

Yodiwo joins Endeavour network

Yodiwo has been officialy accepted in the Endeavor network.
Entrepreneur: Alex Maniatopoulos
Company: Yodiwo
Description: What isn’t connected to the Internet nowadays? Though more systems are coming online, implementing Internet of Things (IoT) projects is incredibly complex, time-intensive, and costly. Engineers write thousands of lines of code in order to connect expensive smart devices, manage system workflows, and measure results. Yodiwo offers an affordable, code-free IoT application enablement platform plus customized solutions to expedite the process of constructing IoT applications and interconnected networks. Yodiwo’s proprietary three-tiered platform–Wisper, Cyan, and Alcyone–saves clients 90% on application development time, 30% on system operating costs, and and 40-50% on capital expenditure.
Our CEO Alex Maniatopoulos after a rigorous multiday interview convinced the panellists that yodiwo had all it takes to join their sucessful network.

This great milestone opens a brand new world for yodiwo and many business opportunities.

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