Friday, March 2, 2012

Latest results

As part of my hand tracking project I post these last videos. I believe I reached the top of the performance of the particle filter algorithm.

Unfortunately I want even better results so I should move to more complex algorithms. The problem is that real time performance is going to be much more difficult to achieve.


  1. hi,

    can i get the code for this by any chance?

  2. I will not post any complete code of my hand tracking project.
    I will however post codebits that I believe others will find interesting.

  3. Hi,

    I'm developing a project similar to yours.
    It is not so good against complex backgrounds, and it's not actually the idea for now, anyway.
    I can detect the hands and now I'm trying to track them, which is terrible for now.
    Please, what method are you using for tracking the hand specifically?
    And the most important, how do you distinguish hand and face when they overlap?

    I'd appreciate any help, thank you.

  4. Hi could you please share your code for this project

  5. Hey i have project for you ? let me know if you interested

  6. Could you post any details on that?

  7. i made project about how control computer by hand gesture which is almost like your project , but my problem is i used (emgucv),and a do not found more information about it also i could not find an appropriate logarithm for hand detection & gesture recognition. if you can help me i will be appreciate that to you just i want give me....
    Also suffer from the problem because of the background and lighting so the selection does not have the form required, and we want this solutio

  8. thanks sir, your XML file very use full, i want more doubts give me the time sir......

  9. without XML file, we have able to detect the human hand on Python Opencv ???/ Kindly reply me sir......